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Do you want to develop a powerful strategy for connecting your brand with the Chinese consumer? The traditional marketing channels and platforms that people usually use are probably not applicable to the Chinese market and you might also have some language and culture issues. We can help you with it!

Social media is playing an indispensable role in digital marketing. With users exceeding 1 billion in March 2018, WeChat is undeniably the most popular app in China. It enables users to send text/voice messages and make video calls whilst also having social media sharing features, location-based services, and a payment system. Nowadays, brands and organisations are utilising this unique and powerful tool to engage and fascinate their target audience.

That’s our expertise! With over 7 years experience, we have created campaigns on digital platforms for various organisations to connect people to products and services, attaining the brand clarity, consistency and authenticity. We are looking to help UK companies attract Chinese consumers whether they are in China or the UK.

We understand that every organisation is different and deserves a professional and specialised service. We offer decent chats to every one of our clients to adequately understand their needs. We build convincing and creative content placing your audience at the heart of the brand story. Your brand gets the maximum exposure and makes sales and profits more likely.


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